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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Warning: Terrible Telephone and Internet Service from Darty Carcassonne

Warning: Terrible Telephone and Internet Service from Darty Carcassonne, Planeto Nord, 11000 Carcassonne (also translated into French at the end of article).

I have been a customer of their telephone services since moving to France.

In 2009 I needed to change my telephone and Internet supplier and I chose Darty; it is an enterprise selling household electrical goods, situated on an industrial zone on the outskirts of Carcassonne France. They have a large showroom and they pride themselves on their image and service; but it is the latter which I have found seriously lacking.

Since then there have been problems and in 2014 the Darty-Box (their unit to gain access to the telephone service etc) stopped working, so I went to Darty’s showroom and was told that they had discontinued Darty-Box and then sold Bbox ( unit and service of Bouygues Telecom). The sales assistants reassured me that all that was needed was to sign a new contract and install the new box; at the time I asked more than three times whether it was the same service and each time I was assured that it was: This turned out to be a lie because within days of agreeing to this and signing the new contract, I had my telephone services cut completely and not working for several days; in addition Darty had severed, without previously telling me, one of the two telephone lines that I had at the time: Then when I questioned them about their action they said it was my responsibility to contact the telephone company if I wished to have the line reinstalled; note, and note well, there was no apology and they blankly refused to undo what they had done. The result of their disconnection was that my fax and answering machine became obsolete.

I decided, on Darty’s advice, to jettison my equipment and buy a new answer machine and telephones. You would think that this was reasonable and simple but the problems that followed were many, mainly because the Bouygues Telecom messaging system would not stop working.

Eventually the first Darty technician arrived and was unable to make my new answering machine work correctly (it should be noted that he requested money for that call out, unacceptable as far as I was concerned as the problem was with the supplier, Darty). In fact it took Darty at least 3 month to get my answer machine to work and that was as a result of my credit card company trying to get satisfaction from Darty.

The service for the telephone is not first class and it has not been unusual for me to have to redial a number because the connection has been bad, or to have the line cut mid conversation, but that was only to get worse.

This year, 2015, the line was cutting out frequently, actually daily; I may have a connection for 17 minutes before it was severed, or it could be shorter, so I returned to the Darty Showroom with the offending ‘Bbox’. That was when I was told I needed to use my mobile (which I do not have, but the Darty people thought it was needed for me to get their services) in order to contact their technician. Finally I was presented with a new ‘Bbox’, which actually did not work, so I returned again to Darty in Carcassonne with the ‘Bbox’.

The staff then tried everything they could to avoid contacting their service technician on my behalf (remember I had no mobile phone). The reluctance for the Darty salespeople to contact their technicians was hardly surprising because when they finally did act it took an hour and a half for them to speak to their contact and arrange for a technician to inspect the installation at my house a few days later. Now being without a phone and having to stay at home for their appointment resulted in me being unable to keep two of my engagements which was very inconvenient for all parties involved.

When I returned home I reinstalled the same ‘Bbox’ and re installed it, it worked, a miracle as now it did not cut out and I had the service up to the time Darty’s man arrived. He did his checks and said all was well and left. Within days the old problem re-emerged and was getting far worse, but during the brief time I had the service I was able to ring Darty help line direct and arrange for another Darty technician appointment two days later. I had previously written to Mr. Pelletier, the manager of the Darty Carcassonne store to advise him that the problem had started again, but to date I have had no response from him by any means or indication that he took any action on receipt of my letter, which is a good indication of bad service.

That evening before the technician’s appointment I was needing to telephone the UK about a serious and complicated matter, but this call turned out to be one of the most frustrating conversations in my life because every 4 minutes and thirty seconds maximum (the shortest connection was 20 seconds) the line would go dead and I had to reboot the ‘Bbox’, unbelievably sometimes rebooting twice before I was reconnected. That evening other people were trying to phone me but could not. I could also see that the problem continued until after midnight because the telephone icon would periodically turn red thus indicating that the system had failed again.

The next day when the Darty technician was due to arrive, the telephone service did not once cut out; the service was exceptional; it was, for once, what should be accepted as a normal telephone service. The real reason why this was I have no idea but the outcome was the technician did not, as with his previous visit, witness any problems on the line. Yes, he was able to telephone his office to check the line with his instruments without any problems (just delays) and according to his meters all was well with the system. He suggested the box may be overheating, but why should that happen? Every year summer arrives here in southern France and every year it gets hot; services are normally designed to cope with that, naturally.

If the box ventilation is the culprit then I would suggest that it is because the construction of the ‘Bbox’ is inadequate for its purpose: Please note that the Darty-Box and now ‘Bbox’ has been placed in the same position for at least eight years. So why would ventilation be a problem now?

I did strongly request a physical check of the line, knowing that it is not unusual for rats etc., to eat telephone lines in the area, but that request was refused. I waited to see how long it would be before the joint Darty and Bouygues Telephone service resumes, it’s a frequently failing service. Would it be hours, days or months?

No it was less than two days and it two telephone calls to the Darty help line to get any response; why two telephone calls? You guessed it the line was cut. I did gain from the last Darty phone call that they were aware that services were rebooted 48 times recently; and we can add more to that number now. So if you are thinking of using Darty Telephone services, think twice, then think again, then go elsewhere for your telephone and internet services.

Attention: Service déplorable fourni par Darty Carcassonne, Panet’o Nord 11000 Carcassonne, pour ce qui concerne le téléphone et  internet.

J’ai utilisé leur service de téléphone depuis mon installation en France.

En 2009 je dus changer mon fournisseur de téléphone et d’internet et j’ai choisi Darty; c’est une entreprise qui vend de l’équipement ménager;  elle est située dans une zone commerciale à l’extérieur de la ville de Carcassonne en France. Le magasin d’exposition est très grand; la société se targue de sa bonne image et de la qualité de ses services. Ce n’est qu’ultérieurement que j’ai découvert que cette prétention pouvait être exagérée.

Depuis j’ai rencontré des problèmes et, en 2014 la DartyBox qui donne accès aux divers services a cessé de fonctionner. Je me suis adressé au magasin qui m’a informé que la DartyBox n’était plus en usage et était remplacée   par la Bbox de Bouygues Telecom. Les vendeurs m’ont assuré que la seule formalité pour continuer le service était de signer un nouveau contrat et d’installer la nouvelle Box. A plusieurs reprises j’ai demandé si c’était le même service et chaque fois il me fut répondu par l’affirmative. Il s’avéra que la réalité était quelque peu différente. Quelques jours après la signature du contrat le téléphone fut complètement coupé et ce pendant plusieurs jours; de plus Darty avait, sans m’en informer, annuler l’abonnement à l’une des deux lignes téléphoniques que j’utilisais. Lorsque je les interrogeai sur ce fait il me fut répondu qu’il m’incombait de contacter la compagnie  téléphonique pour obtenir la remise en service de la ligne. Je tiens à souligner que Darty ne jugea pas opportun de s’excuser et refusa catégoriquement de réparer ce “faux pas”. En conséquence, mon fax et mon répondeur étaient inutilisables.

Sur les conseils de Darty, je décidai d’abandonner mon équipement et achetai un nouveau répondeur et de nouveaux téléphones. Ceci peut paraitre simple et raisonnable, mais généra une suite de problèmes dus principalement au fait que le système de messages de Bouygues interférait en permanence avec mon répondeur.

Un premier technicien de Darty fut incapable de mettre en route mon répondeur (il doit être note que cette intervention devait être à ma charge, ce qui pour moi était inacceptable puisque le problème venait de Darty. En fait, il s’écoula trois mois avant que Darty ne réussisse à résoudre le problème du répondeur et je reçus le soutien de la compagnie émettrice de ma carte de crédit pour arriver à ce résultat.

Le service de téléphone n’est pas idéal et il n’est pas rare que je doive répéter un appel car la connexion est mauvaise ou s’interrompt au milieu de la conversation. Mais je n’étais pas au bout de mes peines.

En 2015, la ligne est coupée fréquemment, tous les jours actuellement, il peut arriver qu’une connexion dure 17 minutes, parfois 3. De nouveau je me suis adressé à Darty et leur reportai la Bbox en question. Il me fut alors conseillé d’utiliser mon téléphone mobile, ce que je n’ai pas, mais le personnel de Darty pensait que cela m’était nécessaire pour contacter leur technicien. Finalement on me donna une nouvelle Bbox qui, pour le moment, ne marche pas mieux. Je suis donc revenu vers Darty à Carcassonne.

Le personnel du magasin essaya, par tous les moyens, d’éviter de contacter leur service technique de ma part, je vous rappelle que je n’ai pas de mobile. J’ai compris le manque d’enthousiasme des vendeurs à téléphoner aux techniciens puisque, quand ils s’exécutèrent, il leur fallut une heure et demi avant de réussir à parler avec un technicien et organiser un rendez-vous pour contrôler mon installation. J’ai donc attendu ce technicien et ai dû annuler plusieurs rendez-vous d’une certaine importance.

De retour chez moi j’ai réinstallé la même box qui, miracle, a fonctionné sans interruption jusqu’ à l’arrive du technicien; il effectua ses contrôles et conclut que tout était en ordre et partit, Quelques jours après les mêmes problèmes resurgirent de manière plus aigüe. Pendant cette brève accalmie, j’avais réussi à joindre la ligne de l’assistance directe de Darty et à organiser un rendez-vous avec un autre technicien de Darty. Entre temps j’avais écrit à Monsieur Pelletier, le Directeur de Darty Carcassonne pour l’informer de la résurgence du problème. Jusqu’à présent cette lettre n’a suscité aucune réaction. Que dois-je penser du service Darty?

La veille de la venue du technicien, j’avais à téléphoner en Angleterre à propos d’un sujet important et compliqué. Il s’avéra que cet appel, ou plus exactement ces appels, furent les plus frustrants de ma vie, toutes les 4 minutes trente au mieux (la connexion la plus courte fut de 20 secondes) la ligne était interrompue et je devais relancer la Bbox parfois deux fois avant d’obtenir la connexion. Cette même soirée d’autres personnes essayèrent en vain de me contacter. J’ai pu aussi constater que même après minuit la Bbox indiquait que le système ne fonctionnait pas.

Le jour suivant, quand le technicien s’est présenté le téléphone a fonctionné comme ce que l’on peut attendre d’un service normal de téléphone. Je n’ai aucune idée du pourquoi de ce fait mais ainsi le technicien, comme précédemment, ne fut pas en mesure d’identifier les problèmes sur la ligne. Il put appeler son bureau et utiliser les différents outils de contrôle en sa possession et conclure que tout était en ordre dans le système. Il suggéra que la box pouvait être affectée par la chaleur. Cela peut-il se produire?  L’été revient tous les ans et, dans le sud de la France, il fait chaud, les services et matériels sont normalement prévus pour résister à ces conditions naturelles.

Si le coupable est la ventilation de la box, je me permettrais de suggérer que la conception de la box est inadéquate et de souligner que la DartyBox puis, maintenant la Bbox, ont toujours occupe la même place pendant 8 ans. Pourquoi la ventilation devient elle soudain un problème?

J’ai fermement demandé un control physique de la ligne car il peut arriver que des rats ou autres animaux de la campagne se nourrissent de lignes téléphoniques. Ceci a été refusé. J’attends pour voir combien de temps sera nécessaire pour que le service conjoint Darty/Bouygues fonctionne à nouveau. C’est apparemment un service fréquemment déficient. Faut-il compter en heures, jours, mois?

Non en moins de deux jours et deux appels à  l’assistance Darty il y eut une réponse. Pourquoi deux appels? Vous avez deviné la ligne fut coupée. Mais au cours du dernier appel, j’appris qu’ils avaient constaté que le service avait dû être relancé 48 fois récemment et ce chiffre est dépassé maintenant.

Avant de décider d’utiliser le service Darty réfléchissez deux fois et réfléchissez encore et adressez-vous ailleurs pour votre fournisseur internet et téléphone.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Yet another case of a mal-administered will...

Yet another case of a mal-administered will has been sent to us; this is not the first we have received and I do not expect it to be the last because, as the British Laws stand today, anybody can abuse the dead by ignoring their Last Will and Testament.

Why is this? The answer is simple; there is nothing in the law to prevent it, there are no controls, no safeguards and it is not a criminal offense to mal-administer the will of a deceased.

In this case the mother left everything to her three children and the will was to be administered by a legal practice. Initially everything followed the normal pattern and Probate was granted within a few months; normally at this stage it is a simple matter of distributing the assets to the three beneficiaries, but that was not going to happen as their mother wished, or the beneficiaries wished.

One daughter wanted to buy her mother’s house and it was agreed between the three siblings, for her to do that, and the executor’s were instructed accordingly. What followed was a series of delays and errors. Over several years the lawyer working on the case changed and each time the new lawyer demanded confirmation of the beneficiaries wishes; confirmation that was already in the case file. This alone created unnecessary work and delays and shows clearly the incompetence of the legal firm, and there was more.

Ultimately the mother’s house was sold by an estate agent to somebody else, at a price lower than the daughter had initially agreed to pay. Legal fees also mounted considerably over the years; all of which were totally unnecessary. As a result two legal companies and the estate agent became three additional beneficiaries of the mother’s will, as their fees were not modest. The three daughters have sustained heavy losses as a result of the mal-practice of the executors of their mothers will: Do not think that this is an isolated case? It is not!

Executors abuse the trust placed in them daily in Britain. Legal practices are party to it, as is the Law Society, who license lawyers, Her Majesty’s Crown Court Service, who sanction the Probate, ignore malpractice, and the government is fully aware of the abuse by executors. It is unjust, immoral and yet permitted in the United Kingdom. British Justice... does it exist? The answer: Certainly not as the Law stand today.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Influence Government Bodies

‘Blueprint for the Perfect Crime’ by Peter Hindley and Susan Goodsell has recently been released and is a grand political exposé which is starting to influence government bodies and is forcing drastic changes in British Laws. It is a true story which covers many topics including inheritance.

The author, Peter Hindley, now resides in France while Susan Goodsell, co-author continues to live in Kent, England.

During July, Peter received an e-mail containing The Law Commission public announcement that they were going to start work on completely reforming the inheritance laws; this arrived within a day or two of its release, and that was literally, just a few weeks after this book’s publication earlier this summer.

Shortly after the public announcement Peter and Susan then received an invitation to submit, directly to the Law Commission, their idea on what needs to change. They have submitted a list of basic requirements plus a copy of their book, to be used in the formulation of future legislation and the public enquiry. They have received confirmation from The Law Commissioner, Elizabeth Cooke: '...the law of wills is due to begin early in 2015 and I anticipate that we will be publishing our consultation paper in early 2016, after which there will be a formal period of consultation. I have added your details to our list of those whom we will notify when the consultation paper is available to download from our website.'

Peter said “I have been amazed how different the laws are here in France, they may not be perfect, but they put the UK laws to shame. As the law stands now, an executor of any person’s will, can bypass the deceased person’s intentions with very little, or no risk of any repercussions whatsoever.”

The government and all agencies of the law have been fully aware of the gross inadequacies within the British inheritance laws, but until recently has done nothing to rectify them.

He continued by saying, “We have proved that you can lie to the Royal Courts of Justice when dealing with a will and the Courts and Police will do nothing. In doing so we have exposed ourselves to the serious repercussions of the law of Perjury without any redress: By doing this, and recording it on the pages, we have in fact set a president which probably makes the law of Perjury obsolete”.

Within the book they also reveal that the British Police, which is funded by the Treasury, but was accountable to nobody, no government minister or government department; that was until they revealed this fact to the Minister of Justice’s first aide. This caused panic within the halls of power and it was not long before a new post of Minister of the Police was created, but that did not last long, the police could not accept becoming accountable to any outside body. Subsequently commissioners for each constabulary were elected but they are proving powerless and now the government is actively looking for means to oversee what the Police do and make them responsible to somebody for their actions, negligence.

All these topics and a lot more are within the cover of the book.

The first person to review the book gave it the full five star rating and said:

“…the book is quite complicated to read as there was so much that the authors had to get on paper – but persevere, it is an eye opener…”.

‘Blueprint for the Perfect Crime’ by Peter Hindley & Susan Goodsell and published by Alan's Trust Publishing is now available through:


Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Wendy Hindley of Shorton Cottage, Paignton has resigned her position as Director of Bush Construction, her property development company. Furthermore, her residence, Shorton Cottage, which was on the market for £849,000.00 has now been reduced to £750,000.00, which is an enormous reduction of £99,000.00. Is this in the hope she can escape any reprimand for the alleged crimes committed?
If you have not yet visited Shorton Cottage (the scene of our story in ‘Blueprint For The Perfect Crime’ ISBN: 978-0-9929813-0-3) and would like an appointment to view through Barbets Estate Agents of Paignton, Devon then follow the following link:
Now is your chance to see the rooms where the blood stains were reported to be; visit where the supposed death(s) were purported to have happened and much more. Finally, why not take a walk around the grounds where the remains were separated and disposed of.

Act now before it’s too late!

Monday, 11 August 2014

Chapter 1 from Blueprint For The Perfect Crime


The year was 2002 and it all started with a telephone call. My brother, Alan, had telephoned to ask me if I could get a copy of the family tree. That would sound ordinary enough to most people, but that particular request from my older brother could not be further from a normal occurrence, it instantly rang major alarm bells for me. To understand my acute concern at this request you need to know something of his background.

Alan was born just before the Christmas of 1937 and therefore was nearly 10 years my senior. We were the only two children of older parents. Each of our parents was one of 10 siblings as were their parents. Well there was no television and little birth control if we go back to their era.

We had both known hard times. Alan was brought up through the Second World War and me; I came during the baby boom that followed the great upheaval. Both of us experienced the hardships of rationing, and of having little money. Dad worked at Woolwich Arsenal on munitions for the Ministry of Defence, not a highly paid job, and he also lost some of those precious resources by betting on the horses. Mum made a calling out of being ill, although, she did work once I was old enough to be left, initially as a domestic cleaner and gradually worked her way up via several jobs, until she became a clerical assistant in the civil service, the same ministry as my father.

Amongst our many aunts and uncles there was acute rivalry, constantly they crossed swords and it was, for some, all out war. I was always aware of the bickering and the feuding that lasted until they expelled their last breaths.

Returning to those fore-mentioned family feuds, some of them were induced by those that I call the vultures in the family, those who grabbed all they could at every opportunity, especially when there had been a death, and the pickings plentiful, were there to be found. After one of my grandparents passed away an Aunt and Uncle, who were wealthy enough at that time to have a car, loaded it with spoils before the funeral so their departure, after the ceremony, would not be delayed.

I was too young to be fully aware of what was really happening at the time, but the story was related to me occasionally over the years that followed. Alan, of course being older, was able to witness this, and so much more, first hand. All this grabbing made him resolve to have no part of anything of the sort. He hated anything to do with the politics of Wills and other people’s belongings.

Because of his exposure to the bickering in his earlier years, Alan had decided that he would have nothing to do with the extended family and that is how he lived his life; he had made no contact, or shown interest in any relations outside the immediate family. Once Alan became of an age whereby he was fully independent, he severed contact with all, except the closest and he showed total lack of interest in family matters, which continued until that phone conversation requesting the family tree.

To give a more recent example of Alan’s attitude to family matters, I resumed contact with Cousin Malcolm after a 30-year break that I had instigated, when I tried to talk with Alan about Malcolm, Alan ignored me, and it took me several attempts before I finally made Alan discuss the reunion. This is why I was so alarmed by Alan’s request to see the family tree. I think it is important to establish Malcolm’s relationship with Alan and myself. We are cousins but try if you will to get to grips with his little family anomaly; Malcolm’s relationship to us is slightly unusual, his mother’s brother was our father, and his father’s sister was our mother.

It was Malcolm who held the family Bible and the family tree, which his father had researched and revised. It was here where I went to request a copy for Alan. Unfortunately, because of Malcolm’s domestic chaos at the time, there was a delay. There followed several phone conversations when I told Alan that I was trying to get a copy of the family tree for him. Regrettably the tree was not in my possession until the weekend after his funeral.

I was taken aback as the last conversation my brother and I had was somewhat strained, this happened during the weekend before Alan’s demise. I felt as if I had annoyed Alan, although on reflection, that could not have been the case. Perhaps his attitude was more akin to the distancing that people, who are about to die, do to their close loved ones.

The next phone call I received was from Devon, where Alan lived, it came from David Hart, who told me that my brother had died. You will learn more of that in the fullness of time.

With Alan’s request for the family tree and the last, almost aggressive conversation I had with him, my brother’s death was not altogether unexpected. What followed afterwards certainly was.

Buy your copy of: Blueprint For The Perfect Crime at:

Now available, Apple iBook: Explore the corruption for yourself...

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Interview with author Susan Goodsell

What's the story behind your latest book?
I never thought I would be involved in writing and producing our title, Blueprint For The Perfect Crime until back in 2002 my father died in suspicious circumstances and as much as I tried to get to the bottom of the truth, my way was blocked at every turn. I have met many a closed door; doors in solicitor offices, government departments, courts and police to mention a few. The more my investigations continued, the more I uncovered about the workings of a Last Will and Testament, and what can go so terribly wrong; the deceit of family members, friends and associates and the involvement of government agencies in the cover-up of very serious crimes.

Information that was being collected was building and the more we received (my uncle and I) the more obvious it became that we were not the only ones to have experienced such awful, immoral dealings from family members and government alike.

My Uncle, Peter Hindley, first began to write shortly after the death of Alan Hindley, who had lived in Paignton, Devon. Over the years the writing has continued with both of us making it a priority to inform, warn, if you like, about what can and often does happen to families in the UK. As said to me at a meeting at the Ministry of Justice, ‘It is not uncommon to have things go wrong when trying to execute a will, but you have experienced everything that could go wrong when administrating a will.’ The question is why? Our title goes a long way to explain this and why it was so important to the perpetrators, who had much to hide, including what instigated the death of Alan.
What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
I wish I could answer that; as I am new to the whole package of publishing and marketing I am trying everything at my finger-tips and waiting to see what works best. As well as using the Internet I have also tried fliers, postcards, business cards and bookmarks, and let us not forget the 'good old' local press. I await to see what, if any, perform for our title. I am always on the look-out for new avenues to promote our title.
How do you approach cover design?
Our cover was designed by a French man, Christophe Richard, who my uncle met through a friend. After a long chat with Peter and being furnished with the contents of our title, Christophe went away and returned with, what we think is, a very successful cover as it sums up the content of the interior pages. The image of the UK works well because that is where our tale is set; the cogs are the workings of the United Kingdom Government and the blueprint markings are appropriate for the title and content. Many crimes have been committed and with the help of many agencies, those involved have been allowed to get away with them, how that has been possible is clearly explained for all to read and use as they see fit.
What is your writing process?
I spent many years investigating and researching, which lead to copious amounts of paperwork and being our case was so involved regular note taking became the norm. Over time it was apparent that we had a story to tell and it was a very important one. Notes were rewritten and changed into chapters and over the years our writing evolved into the book we have today. Our title comes under the umbrella of non-fiction so it was a case of checking, double checking and checking again to ensure that the content was factual, accurate and 100% truthful and could all be supported with relevant documentation, which we achieved.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
When I am not writing I am a full time, secondary school, teacher working in an all boys school; a job that certainly keeps me very busy and can be very stressful at times. Then there is my family, which is expanding rapidly and gives me a lot of joy. I like nothing better than to spend as much time as possible with my children and grandchildren, family days out and the regular parties when we all come together.
What is your e-reading device of choice?
A couple of years ago I was lucky to have been given a Kindle as a birthday present and find it a useful tool to access reading materials on the go. I find it a handy device which fits into a handbag or travel case. I tend to carry it with me if making a visit to the beach and it is great to be able to pull it out when waiting in an airport or beside the pool on that hot sunny day.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I was born in Maidstone Hospital, Maidstone Kent and spent all my childhood in that area. My parents split up when I was very young and I lost contact with my father for many years. I moved three times during my younger years and we settled into a fairly large house with my new step-father when I was about 7 years of age. When I was 16 I got my first job working in London for an oil company and it was not long afterwards that I moved up to London into rented accommodation, I would have been about 17 at that time.

It was when I was 18 that I set out to trace my father’s whereabouts, which I did and our relationship was flourishing and continued to build right up to his death in 2002. Had I not found him I doubt I would have been in the situation I found myself and the consequence being, the writing of ‘Blueprint For The Perfect Crime’. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason including the strong urge I had to find my father all those years earlier. I guess my life experiences have all helped me and set me up for the job I found myself having to do later on in my life.
What motivated you to become an indie author?               
I guess as the saying goes…’ If you want a job doing properly then do it yourself,’ comes to mind. I am also a bit of a control freak and do not mind hard work so it made sense to not only write but produce and publish as well; it certainly has been a learning curve, to be more precise, a bloody big arc.
Describe your desk
Piles and piles and more piles, but at least they are organized piles. Somebody else sitting down at my desk might have other views. I like to begin work with a tidy desk, plenty of room. As a project progresses so the piles grow and I allow them to grow, knowing what is where until the task in hand is completed, then it is time for a mass clear-up. My desk at work is cleared termly ready for the following term’s onslaught. I like to have everything I need close to hand: pens, paper, post-it notes, files being used and files in progress and there is always a drink at hand and not the alcoholic ones.
Published 2014-07-23.

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Blueprint For The Perfect Crime
By &
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 86,950. Language: English. Published: June 10, 2014. Category: Nonfiction » True Crime » Assassinations and Conspiracies
'Blueprint For The Perfect Crime' is a non-fiction title; a true crime and political exposé of the United Kingom's inheritance laws and their inadequacies, which explodes to engulf the workings of the government, police, the legal system and more.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


We have experienced many twists and turns along our path of discover.  Our journey has taken us to numerous office doors and has lead us into the heart of the halls of government, where events have made it very apparent that what we were witnessing was true injustice and unchecked corruption within the United Kingdom. It is for this reason that we felt it necessary to pen our story, to be able to share our account with you and all our other readers, including those who have read an abridged account on the Internet since 2008; it is very much in the public’s interest to be aware of what can go wrong and does go wrong daily.